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Cognitive and Immersive Systems Lab


Advances in Cognitive Systems


“This is the first time the CISL has hosted a workshop for researchers in multiple academic institutes to discuss and define the research agenda for cognitive and immersive systems”
- Hui Su, CISL Director

Rensselaer Hosted the Fifth Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems, Featuring Presentations From Naval Research Lab, MIT, Google, Georgia Tech, and IBM.

The annual conference brings together researchers with an interest in building computational artifacts that focus on high-level cognition and decision making, reliance on rich, structured representations, and incorporation of insights about human thinking.

CISL aims to advance cognitive and immersive environments for collaborative problem-solving in situations like board rooms, classrooms, diagnosis rooms, and design studios.

The “situations room” CISL is developing is an example of an application for cognitive systems. The vision for the room is a space where humans can interact naturally with computers in collaborative situations like making business decisions, diagnosing medical issues, handling emergency response, and learning.

CISL is also home to the CRAIVE Lab, part of the Center for Cognition, Communication, and Culture, which is under the CISL umbrella. CRAIVE provides students and researchers “a specialized virtual-reality system for the study and enabling of communication-driven tasks with groups of users immersed in a high-fidelity multi-modal environment.”

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