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Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)


The Office for Research is committed to the highest standards of research integrity in all work conducted at Rensselaer. The Office provides support, services and training to assure compliance with ethical and regulatory mandates governing research, including safe and humane care of animals used in research, biosafety, the protection of human subjects, the use of human and animal stem cells, and conflicts of interest.

Research Compliance at Rensselaer

The Office of Research is committed to the highest standards of integrity in all research conducted at Rensselaer. The Research Compliance program assures adherence to ethical principles and state and federal regulations governing the protection of human subjects, humane care of research animals, safe handling of biological materials, and responsible use of human and animal stem cells. Research Compliance also manages Rensselaer policies on Conflict of Interest, HIPAA, and Export Control.

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

Our excellence in Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials builds from the fundamental understanding—experimental, theoretical, and computational - of the underlying atomic and molecular properties of a wide range of nanostructured materials. We now are developing robust, affordable, and sustainable methods for manufacturing new functional hybrid materials, and the hierarchical systems and products based upon them.


We increasingly live in a data-driven, web-enabled, supercomputer-powered, globally interconnected world, and this poses significant new challenges to scientists and engineers throughout all of their disciplines. Attacking these problems will require significant new technologies for sensing the environment, collecting and analyzing this data, using it to simulate engineered, biological and social systems, and applying these results to provide effectors, physical or cyber, that can help solve critical global challenges.


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