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Center for Computational Innovations


Over the Last Decade, Unprecedented Capabilities in Computation Have Unlocked Enormous Opportunities for Discovery, Innovation, and Policymaking.


“The CCI is a platform on which Rensselaer is building a world-class hub of computation and data-related research, innovation, and education”
- Christopher Carothers, CCI Director

At Rensselaer, high-performance computing to process data in ever more efficient and enlightening ways has advanced rapidly in areas ranging from advanced manufacturing to new cancer screening tools. At the heart of all this activity across the university’s schools and disciplines is the Center for Computational Innovations (CCI).

The center, with its core 33 faculty, supports a large network of researchers, faculty, and students from 50 universities, government laboratories, and companies across a diverse spectrum of disciplines. Researchers perform a broad range of computational simulations, from the interactions between atoms and molecules all the way up to the behavior of a complete device. Industry collaborators include IBM, Boeing, GlobalFoundries, Intel, and Xerox, as well as many smaller companies.

A central feature of the CCI is the Advanced Multiprocessing Optimized System (AMOS), the most powerful university-based supercomputer in New York state and the Northeast, and among the most powerful in the world. The IBM Blue Gene/Q petascale supercomputing system has the ability to perform more than one quadrillion calculations per second and has a network bandwidth of more than four terabytes per second across the system—more than the combined bandwidth of 2 million home Internet subscribers. Additionally, the CCI offers two state-of-the-art Intel processor-based compute clusters and provides over two petabytes of high-performance disk storage for its users.

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