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Center for Materials, Devices, and Integrated Systems


Building on the Strong Culture of Interdisciplinary Research and Academics.


“We take a multidisciplinary, multi-perspective approach to broaden our net on the types of complex problems and issues we can address”
- Robert Hull, cMDIS Director

The Center for Materials, Devices, and Integrated Systems (cMDIS) aims to advance next-generation electronic and optical devices, manufacturing and robotics, integrated biomaterial devices, energy harvesting and storage, electric transmission/distribution, responsive and adaptive built environments, and nanostructured composite materials, among other leading- edge technologies.

Established in 2014, cMDIS builds off its predecessor, the Center for Integrated Electronics. The mission of the cMDIS is to provide a unified voice among Rensselaer’s physical, chemical, and engineering sciences as well as to support excellence in existing research strength areas and promote new areas of intellectual discourse and research.

The cMDIS houses two prominent facilities. The Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room is a state-of-the-art facility that supports research and education in microelectronics, energy, lighting, biotechnology, nanotechnology, materials science, and micro-electromechanical systems.

The second major center is the Nanoscale Characterization Core, which contains more than a dozen instruments to interrogate the structure and properties of materials at the atomic level and to understand their function at the most basic level.

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Center for Materials, Devices, and Integrated Systems (cMDIS)
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