Rensselaer has a broad, collaborative, and vibrant research community that is focused on the growing interface of the basic sciences and engineering. This provides the basis for innovative solutions to today’s Global Challenges, including: mitigating disease; providing clean food and water; developing new sources of clean and renewable energy; and establishing a sustainable and resilient national and international infrastructure.

High resolution image of a brain scan on a computer screen

Biotechnology and the Life Sciences

Focuses on new routes to drug discovery and development, and understanding the fundamental mechanisms of disease, from Alzheimer’s and diabetes to cancer.

Graphic showing all the areas that AI can assist in research

Computational Science and Engineering

Focuses on high-performance computing, neuromorphic and quantum computing, big data, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, which supports research and innovation across a broad front.

Researcher from the Rensselaer Center for Future Energy Systems (CFES) in front of monitors

Energy, Environment, and Smart Systems

Focuses on renewable technologies, energy efficiency, and the understanding of global environmental change to preserve the biodiversity of the planet.

3-D printed objects on light table

Media, Arts, Science, and Technology

Focuses on facilitating new approaches to networking, advanced visualization, sensor design, haptics, and multiscale modeling and simulation, which are supported by the core capabilities of EMPAC.

Lithium-ion battery

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials

Focuses on developing robust, affordable, and sustainable methods for manufacturing new functional hybrid materials, and the hierarchical systems and products based upon them.

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