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The most significant transformation at Rensselaer over the past two decades has been the creation of a research portfolio of a size, significance, quality, and prominence that positions us to impact global challenges.

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Institute-Wide Research Platforms Learn more about our world-class research platforms and how they push the boundaries of individual disciplines.

We serve a vital resource for a broad range of Rensselaer researchers and partners from industry, academe, and government, providing the technical capability and expertise to perform low-cost, high-performance cluster computing.

  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Disease/Disease Mitigation
  • Energy, Water, Food

This Center enables new lines of research in web science, high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, data science, and predictive analytics and links them to applications in a vast range of areas, from cybersecurity to health and environmental preservation.

  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • Disease/Disease Mitigation
  • National/Global Security

Institute-Wide Centers Learn more about each of our research centers and the global challenges they seek to address.

This Center partners with universities, national laboratories, and industry in large scientific programs to conduct fundamental research in natural and technological networks, ranging from social and cognitive networks to computer networks.

  • Computational Science and Engineering

SCOREC researchers develop reliable simulation technologies for engineers, scientists, medical professionals, and other practitioners to enable them to employ, appraise, and evaluate the behavior of mechanical, chemical, and biological systems of interest.

  • Computational Science and Engineering

School Centers The research centers at Rensselaer are at the core of the work we do to tackle the urgent global challenges of today.

Our Center conducts breakthrough research in vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) technologies to advance vertical lift aircraft, such as military helicopters, unmanned drones, air taxis, rotorcraft, and high-speed electric VTOL aircraft.

  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • School of Engineering

We promote collaborative research involving the integration of modeling, optimization, and computation to solve complex problems emerging in science and engineering. The key to understanding the multifaceted and multidisciplinary aspects of these problems, and to creating new solution strategies, is the development, analysis, and simulation of mathematical models. Designed to establish new modes of operation for applied mathematicians, scientists, and engineers by cutting across the boundaries of traditional approaches, our Center provides new avenues of research and collaboration.

  • Computational Science and Engineering
  • School of Science
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