Institutional Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee

The Institutional Stem Cell Research Oversight (ISCRO) committee functions as the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) human embryonic stem cell, pluripotent stem cell and adult stem cell research oversight committee. It also serves in these roles as a multi-Institutional ISCRO in the Albany, NY area. The ISCRO reports to the Rensselaer Acting Vice President for Research (AVPR) on any issues that arise related to the conduct and use of human stem cells (embryonic, pluripotent or adult) in research. The ISCRO policy is based on the National Academy of Science (NAS) and International Society of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) standards for human stem cell research that are the current guiding principles used in the United States as well as New York Empire State Stem Cell Board (ESSCB). RPI ISCRO Review Process Guidelines and Application Information are available.

Deanna Thompson, Ph.D., Chair
Robert Hull, Ph.D., Institutional Official (IO)
Jack Huang, Ph.D., Director, Grants and Compliance

  1. The principal investigator must complete the application prescreening form and submit to the committee Chair at
  2. The proposed protocols are reviewed to ensure that the science is appropriate and ethical according to accepted stem cell guidelines (NAS and ISSCR) and that all personnel working with stem cells receive ethical training in their use.
  3. The approval period is for three years, subject to annual approvals at the end of years one and two.
  4. All modifications to the approved protocol must be submitted using the Renewal/Update form and re-approved in writing by the ISCRO committee prior to implementation.
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