Research Report 2017

Curiosity knows no bounds. We hunger to understand the world around us through patterns, data, explanations, interpretations,  relationships, and more. Our most creative thinkers mine  knowledge across disciplines for metaphors, connections, contexts,  models, and ideas that can be applied fruitfully in new venues.

By sharing the perspectives of colleagues with different points of view, researchers hone their questions and improve experiments. In fact, the practice of science is predicated on exposing hypotheses and discoveries to open inquiry, analysis, and criticism. Reaching out broadly and working with people with varied backgrounds is the backbone of effective research. It takes advantage of the  differences in ways that reveal the consistency and unity in nature.

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Group of people in the Cognitive and Immersive Systems Lab fathered around the "Situations Room”.

Rooms with a View

Rensselaer and IBM Research have launched a multi-year collaboration to pioneer new frontiers in the scientific field of cognitive and immersive  systems. The research collaboration will be housed in the newly established Cognitive and Immersive Systems  Lab (CISL) in the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center.

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Black and white photo of a lab mouse being held in gloved hands.

Human Health

On/Off Switch

To learn what different cells do, scientists switch them on and off and observe the effects. There are many methods that do this, but they all have problems: too invasive, too slow, or not precise enough.

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June Deery’s book examines the impact  of reality TV shows like American Idol, a performance on which is pictured here.

How Real is Reality TV?

According to June Deery, professor in the Department of Communication and Media, reality TV has changed television and changed reality, even for those who are not among the millions who watch.

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Digital rendering of phosphorene

Exploring Phosphorene

Two-dimensional phosphane, a material known as phosphorene, has potential application as a material for semiconducting transistors in ever faster and more powerful computers. But there’s a hitch.

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Researcher reviewing multiple screens of data


The Future of Energy

Today, the development of clean energy is critical to the economy and the environment of the state and the nation. Recently, the Rensselaer Center for Future Energy Systems (CFES) was selected to receive a state grant re-designating the center as part of the New York State Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) Program.

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